March 8, 2015

My week was wonderful.

It started with a fun zone meeting, it was the last for 2 sisters and another one was having a b-day so we made banana pancakes and I gave my training, I’m pretty well known in the mission for giving good trainings. always pretty fun. I think it helps that I am an excited guy so other people have fun too. in the end I played a song for the 3 sisters and Elder Hernandes and I sang, it was super funny and it turned out pretty good.

My English class is incredible. I think it comes along with the me being excited thing, when I started there were 0 students and this week I had 22, people love my class. English here is something interesting, if you speak it you get paid a lot more and all movies and music are in English and people want to understand so they pay tons of money to learn but it is way hard if you don’t live in a place where you can practice speaking. But since people have such a good time in my class people are remembering and really learning.

The 5th is always a tough day but I did not have time to be sad for myself. Elder Caceres an Elder from Argentina was super down and he wanted to go home so I decided to do a division with him and I had him read 2 Nephi 4 and I helped him out a lot, I just hope he sticks with it, he’s only been out 4 months.

We had a family home evening with a less active family and they live in the middle of the jungle and the power went out. it was super fun, it made me miss the quiet Colorado nights. Here in Brazil you almost always share your wall, like there is no space between houses and stores. and with all these big cities there are tons of cars and it is always loud. so it was nice to escape for a minute.

We had a ward choir for ward conference and there are no pianists in the ward and I can read bass cleft and Elder Hernandes can read treble cleft and we both played one hand it was funny and turned out super good.

So Elder Hernandes and I were losing our minds without sugar…ive never liked sweets but i just want candy haha so the sisters bought us some diet chocolate and it was way good.

To say thanks and to celebrate women’s day I made my first batch of oreo truffles here in Brazil because the stuff is way expensive but they turned out amazing!!!!  The sisters loved it.

Then we had our transfer I stayed here with Elder Hernandes so that’s wonderful

Love Derek

DSC00088 DSC00089


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