March 23, 2015

So my week was a little rough but ill live

It started on Monday when i went to a members house that sells hamburgers from his garage and he doubted in my ability to eat his biggest…long story short Elder Winstanley 1, 3 kilo hamburger 0 haha

I had a big scare this week, we found a snake and Elder Hernandes has never seen one, so being the Colorado boy that I am I pinned its head with a stick and picked it up to let him hold it…he dropped it and I went to catch it and it bit my finger….so I thought to myself…snakes here are different…I’m in Brazil ..and then I thought …”I WILL DIE!!!!” in the end it was not venomous

The reason the week was kinda hard was because the wonderful people we were teaching no longer want to talk to us…its hard but we are excited to find new people.

Elder Adukiatis (a seventy and a member of the presidency in the area Brazil  visited us and gave us some great advice. I really enjoyed his training’s.

On Saturday Elder Hernandes and I had an epic heart to heart. My biggest weakness as a missionary is that I prefer to get things done by my self rather than let others help me.. We talked about his diabetes and how we can be better missionaries together.

On Sunday i gave a talk in church about happiness and hope…everyone loved it.

all in all I’m doing really well 🙂

Love Derek

DSC02503 DSC02510

Conference Time                                                   English class




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