March 16, 2015

My week was way good.

We had a division with the assistants again. it was a good day. we made him work a lot but it worked out in the end.

Our ward mission leader had a birthday so I made him an oreo truffle cake with sweetened condensed milk and chocolate on top…it was way good 🙂

We have a problem with mice in our house and everyone who lives with me has a huge fear of them and the cockroaches…I don’t know if it was because I grew up in a more simple city than this or maybe the 4 years of killing mosquitoes that has made it so that i do not feel any fear for that kinda thing haha. I have successfully captured 2 mice…unfortunately I killed one in the process, the other I took him into the swamp and threw him in a grassy spot…I hope he does not come back haha

So I don’t know what the view of Brazil is there in the states right now because people here are pretty mad at the government and the whole country was supposed to go into protest on Sunday so we had to stay home…we did not even go to church, In Mongaguá i did not see much of a difference but it was kinda nice to stay home for a day…we organized studied and played like 7 hours of cards haha

it was a simple but good week 🙂

Love Elder Winstanley

DSC00107 DSC00108

The new Zone                                                       The sign says it’s Prohibited to Liter!


Catching my 1st mouse


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