March 1, 2015

My week was pretty good The highlight was Patricia and Layze, they both went to the temple in São Paulo and they loved it. I’m pretty sure they are both going to go on missions, which is the coolest thing ever!!! I’ll probably send them packages all the time. haha

I’ve become pretty creative with the boxes of milk here. They are made out of cardboard and metal and it is waterproof so I make covers for scriptures and planners and stuff and I glue pictures on them and then do a self-lamination thing and it looks pretty professional. I made planner covers for my whole zone and I bought bibles for Patricia and Layze and I made a cover for them as well…it turned out great!

On a sad note Patricia moved back to São Paulo, i think it will be ok but I would have liked to have taught her a little more to be sure she is set.

I have also become a good seamstress. It started as a joke that I was good at it but now people from all of my mission are bringing me bags and cloths to sew and I’m getting pretty good at it.

We are working with 3 wonderful families.

The first is Nelson and his family. He is the father of a member and is very cool but he is a bit of a drinker so we will have to help him with that.

The next is Estephoni and her mom Marisa, estephone is one of my English students and Marisa is her mom and she is 6’5″ its crazy haha. but they are super sincere and genuine I love talking to them.

The last family is the Picolo’s, they are the greatest!!!! it is a father and mother with 3 kids, but the kids are all adults but everyone lives together in their sweet beach house. They are great!!!! They love to talk and they went to church this week and they loved it!!

All in all it was a great week!

Love you all!!!

Love Elder Derek

DSC00051 DSC00053

Grocery shopping!                                                  Ward Mission leader


Patricia and Layze at the Sao Paulo Temple!


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