Feb 23, 2015

hey all!!!

My week was crazy. We worked super hard and traveled a lot which is always a little rough.

I got sad when i learned that Maria is not married just living together and that Dora did not want to talk to us anymore but the good news is Patricia and Layze still ere strong and were baptized!!!! Patricia is super funny and is an epic Harry Potter nerd. its funny to fight with her about who would win in a fight between Dumbledore and Yoda. She will go to the temple this week so that is super cool.

Also I went to a ward in my zone to do a baptismal interview of a family who was unsure about baptism and the spirit was so strong with all of them that in the end they all wanted to be baptized and they were but the problem is when we got to the church there was no water so we started to fill up the fount with buckets of water and after an hour of seeing that that was pointless i called president and he approved a baptism in the ocean (which was less than 100m away) and it was an amazing experience.

Love Elder Winstanley
Ocean baptism Ocean Ocean1 Patricia:Layze
Ocean Baptism                                                      Patricia and Layze

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