Feb 17, 2015

My week was pretty good I spent the first day in Itanhaém and helped the sisters there…they are having some trouble finding people to teach. so we spent the afternoon there and found 8 people for them to teach and marked 3 appointments and gave two of the people a baptismal date.

Then I went on divisions with the assistants (Elder Clark and Elder Debaltzo) since Elder Clark was already my companion i spent the day with Elder DeBaltzo…he is super funny and we had a great day and set some good stuff up.

We have 3 people that will be baptized this week.

Patricia is great; we are not really doing much she has such a strong testimony that we are just the missionaries that had the luck to find her.

Maria and Dora have both decided to be baptized. They are great people and are doing this with a faith that their husbands will fallow them.

Maria José is maybe the smartest Brazilian woman I have ever met, she want to church and took 4 pages of notes and told us that is a very practical religion and that it helped her a lot. We are going to invite her to be baptized as well.

It is Carnival today but I don’t find it all that different…. some people do drink a little more than normal and some people party on the beach but inn the neighborhoods it is pretty normal. Today is supposed to be the biggest day and we are going to still have a normal day.

Then last night I had a meeting with President Cabral and it was one of the most spiritual meetings of my life. it was great.

All in all

I’m doing great and i hope you are all too

Also if you have contact with my bro be sure to tell him congrats that he is going to the second coolest mission in the world…Philadelphia…haha

I am so proud of him

Love you all

Love Elder Winstanley


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