April 27, 2015

My week was pretty good, super crazy.

On Monday I was in Santos to get my new comp on Tuesday. while I was there I left with another Elder and talked to like 50 people on the streets…Santos is a big City and the people are a little colder.

People here think I’m funny because of how fast i can wake up haha. I hear the alarm and I’m already on my feet. I slept in the room with the new assistants and they thought I was crazy.

I am now Training Elder Müller from Rio Grande do Sul. He is a pretty cool guy. A little different, he gets super nervous… I think it’s just the new missionary thing. He is getting the hang of it fast. he is already talking to people on the streets, I’m trying to help him be more confident in the lessons.

When we first got home I did not have the keys so I had to climb the roof to get in haha it was funny.

Ever since he got here it has been raining a ton!!! Everything is wet haha

Solange is as great as ever! She was confirmed and is telling everyone about the crazy change in her life. a month ago she drank smoked and was addicted to coffee. She was full of piercings and used very presumptuous clothing. but now she is free from her old addictions and a totally different person.

We are now teaching a Rosa she has come to church 2 times alone. Which is rare here. Her sister was an ashiest and was baptized in the church and it changed her life. In her Patriarchal blessing said she would not be in the church for a long time, and she passed a way a couple of months later. Rosa has always wondered about this church that changed her sisters life so we are helping her now.

I also interviewed a girl named Bia to be baptized. She is a wonderful spirit. It makes me happy o be a part of this work 🙂

Love you all!!

Love Elder Winstanley


My new comp Elder Muller


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