April 13, 2015

My week was amazing!!!
I started off pretty sad, we had very little going, on Monday our plans fell through, so we went to contact people…it started to rain and nothing was going well. then we found Solonge at first i thought maybe she was just interested in talking to us because we are cute but then when we got there and she started to talk about her relationship with God and when we told her that Joseph Smith prayed to know the truth and saw God and Jesus Christ and that God would also answer her prayers she started to cry. in the end she thanked God For answering her prayers by sending us there. She went to church with us and loved it, she will be baptized on Saturday.
we also started to teach 21 new people and we are super excited about it
We had a way fun service project at this women’s house, the weather is so great here this time of year.
It is the last week of the transfer and I’ve been here for 5 months so we will see if I’m still here next week.
Love you all
Love Elder Winstanley

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