Jan. 26, 2015

MY week was pretty good.

I’ve turned into someone who always talks about the gospel, but in a natural and cool way, it really is a part of me now. i talk to everyone i meet and always find something cool to talk about and then i tie it into the gospel.

We are teaching someone that really surprised me. she was a rather strange woman on the bus but i talked to her and marked to visit her. we went there and she understood everything we taught surprisingly well, so we came back and it was a day that rained alot, and her street is really poor and gets super flooded and we were up to our knees in water (secretly i love that haha) and we taught her and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. Her neighbor was also super impressed that we were in social clothes with water up to our knees just to bring her the Word of God. and then on Sunday she could not go to church with us but she said that she read the book of Mormon and liked it and that when she prayed about it she felt something very strong and now this is something she wants to be a part of. 🙂

On Wednesday i was having a rough day…just a little sad about some stuff that did not work out but after English class i gave a message and a member was really toughed by what i said and she said i changed her life and that she never forgets us in her prayers…in the end she turned out to be an answer to mine because that day turned into a great one.

we also did a talent show this week and it was epic!!!! i did some magic, the rubics cube and we did a skit called “imitose” (look it up on youtube, it is sooooo funny even though its in Portuguese) it was a super great night.

We also had a transfer but i stayed here with Hernandes and I’m stoked about it…he is the coolest!!!!

Love you all!!!!!

Love Elder Winstanley


My zone


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