Jan 12, 2015

hello everyone!!!

My week was super good!!

We started the week with just 3 people and we started talking to everyone and now we have 30 people to visit 🙂

Elder Hernandes has diabetes and i have decided to not eat sugar with him…its been pretty cool. the biggest difference is the juice… other than that i dont consume much sugar.

I’ve started a cool idea to stop popping my knuckles to understand how it must be for another person to take a way an addiction…I’m struggling haha.

Elder Hernandes is a professional rugby player…he played for the Brasil team and wants to play for byu after the mish…but that means he is in shape, strong and fast…we work out sooo hard every day…in things of strength he usually beats me, endurance i usually get him but the other day we tried a few short races and it is really, really, really close haha we will do a real race next week haha.

I met a Swedish guy this week. he spoke English as a 2nd language and not a word in Portuguese…his girlfriend is Brazilian but it was super weird talking to them because they communicate in Swedish her and i was in Portuguese and him and me in English….it was super weird…i did not know what language to speak haha

I lost my name tag on Monday when i got off the bus and was super sad and at church a member gave it to me and said he found it on the street…talk about a miracle haha

We are super excited to visit all these new people this week but for now we have one person who wants to be baptized…her name is yasmin…she is super cool and is excited to learn more about God

Today we spend some time at a waterfall. it was pretty cool….I’ve seen cooler ones in Colorado….it really is a super pretty state….but the waterfall was way fun. we went with all the missionaries in our ward…2 sisters and 4 elders. good stuff

Love Elder Winstanley

DSC02258 DSC02260 DSC02274 DSC02280


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