Feb. 2, 2015

Hello friends!!!

My week was pretty good. Sunday is always a good day to see how the week was because its when all the work pays off.

We got to know a recent convert that is maybe the coolest guy i know. he is a Samurai, Pilates dr., archer, and super spiritual…he meditates all the time and once he went a full month without eating food…what?!?!?!?

My English classes are getting pretty famous…i need to start finding a better way to teach…there are tons of people coming. I also teach a music class after and most of my students stay to learn…its sooo cool!!!

We had another mission conference and that is always fun, tons of missionaries are finishing there missions!!!! the sisters that got here with me only have 1 more transfer!!!!!

We met a guy this week, Ricardo, he used to be a pro skate boarder and got into drugs and suffered a lot for a long time and then turned his life around and now he is an artist and wants to find God…its an amazing experience teaching someone who has been that low before because he really recognizes the hand of God.

Sunday was an amazing day.

To explain why i need to tell the story of Maria…a month ago i went to the wrong house and met maria. we marked a day to talk more with her but it did not work out she then told us to go to her work that is by her house but for a month if we went she was not there, if she was there we could not make it…but then 4 days ago it started to rain (and has not stopped since) and we were kinda close to her work and something told me to go talk to her but the street was under water and i thought “yeah right, im not going swimming” but i felt something so we went and she was there closing the loge. she told us to come back the next day, so we did and had a great lesson with her. She said we could stop by her house so she could go to church with us and so on sunday we were super excited and when we got there……she was asleep, so we went to church alone and suddenly her boss  (my English student) shows up and says where is maria? she said i could come to church with her so i told her (dora) to wait for just a sec and we ran back to marias and woke her up and she came with us. in the end it was a wonderful day at church and they both loved it…im so excited to talk to them tomorrow!!!!!

Today we practiced the choir that im in and it is turning out pretty good. playing the cello i learned how to read music but i never knew that i knew how to sing too…its a cool experience.

So yeah that’s what’s happening in mongaguá BRASIL!!!!!

Love Elder Winstanley

A girl that got baptized this week 🙂



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