Jan.7, 2015

ok so a lot has happened and I’ve been so busy that I could not even find a minute to email it’s been nuts. I’m going to give you a quick sum up since Christmas and ill email more on Monday when I have time.

There was a baptism on the 27th and I had the opportunity to baptize one of the young men. it was pretty cool.

I was then on Sunday transferred to Mongagu√° which is the city right next to belas artes. my new comp was ELder Maughan from New York. president asked us to Save the mission of an epic slacker Elder Velensuela (I was his zone leader in registro and he had already given me some troubles) but that week was amazing Elder maughan was the greatest. I learned so much from him. a wonderful missionary and a great man. Elder Velansuela made a huge turnaround he was super humble and working really hard with us. the change was incredible.

The week had tons of rain which was pretty fun. we worked super hard we had to stay one on new years day because Brazilians are crazy and on new years eve we went to a praza and put the plan of salvation on the ground and explained it to people who passed…it was a lot of fun and very effective. and then on Sunday after church there was fight in the church. the president of the relief society about killed another woman. I had to grab the president and hold her back. it was a very very sad experience. how is the spirit supposed to stay in a place like that? I know the church is true but sometimes its members really disappoint me. Elder maughan and I were trying to make a plan about how to unite this ward. we decided that it is like the parable of the talents…god gave us the opportunity to work with a struggling ward and we need to multiply what we were given.

That night we received an emergency transfer. Elder Maughan will replace Elder Thurgood as the new Executive Secretary…all my comps go to the office haha…elder Velansuela had some sort of another problem and was sent home 24 days early….I got very very sad…he changes so much but still could not finish the mission…it hurt me.

Then we had a leadership conference and I met my new comp. Elder Hernandes i am training him hop be a zone leader but he does not need a lot of training. he is one of the coolest elders ive ever met. he is a Brazilian but looks Spanish because he is pretty white. he is a pro rugby player and way strong. he is also diabetic and I have to give him 2 shots every day…it freaks me out a little….I don’t have problems getting shots but giving them is hard. ]

over all things are going great. I’m loving this new experience and I’m way pumped to see what happens.

love you all

Love Elder Winstanley


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