Jan. 18, 2015

my week was great!!! I learned something interesting…sometimes God really talks to us…yesterday we were going to go home but I said I wanted to pass by 2 more houses real quick we found one street and saw that it was going back home so we decided to visit this amazing family we are teaching…they were not there. so we went on to that other street and found the house. we clapped (because you don’t knock here) and that family was there visiting this old lady…big coincidence but it gets even weirder. we were on the wrong street. we remarked for today and the family left, so we started talking to this old lady and she has a problem in her brain where she can’t hear or talk. but she reads lips and talks but it’s hard to understand, but we all understood each other very well. in the end she said things that did not make sense in the conversation, it was like she knew me and was telling me the things my soul needed to hear…in the end she was amazed we understood her because usually nobody does…

Anyway it was super cool experience. i believe that God helped us get there to say something to us

we are also teaching a cool family…they are super strong in their churches but don’t agree which is better for them… the husband had a motorcycle accident and can’t work so he decided to go to church with us… i really hope he liked it and will want to bring his wife this week…the churches they go to do a lot of yelling and they yell things that no one understands and believe that it is the gift of tongues…I hope he felt something different in church with us.

we are also helping a less active member that was run over by a bus…she has a lot of problems now and her neighbors told a friend he could live with her for free if he just cleans a little. she does not want him there but he is always drinking and she is afraid of him…i might be calling the police for her this week, but im also not very confident in the police system her…its very complicated

Also there is this guy that really wants to go on a mission but the bishop and us think it’s better if he does not go…he has a younger sister (19) and a younger bro (9) and they’re mom died when they were young and their dad was killed a couple of years ago, he is the only one who works and he saves his family…it’s quite sad.

Today we are her in Santos because we had a choir practice and on the way if met a guy from Germany and we talked in English for like 2 hours…he was super cool. i liked him…

but things are going well. we are working really hard and have a great last week of the transfer planed.

Love you all

Love Elder Winstanley


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