Dec. 22, 2014

It was a pretty good week

so a funny/sad story is that there was this crazy woman who came to English class…its funny what happened but sad in her situation. She told me she is a prophet from china that she is 1000 years old and that she was tired and i had to help her get to Japan. we did some digging and found out that she lives in a neighborhood way far away. we convinced her to walk with us until the bus stop. when we got there I asked a dude what bus goes to her neighborhood but then it turns out this guy was crazy too he told us about how he just got out of 10 years in prison and how he did not know anything…so we took her to the bus station and found out where to get a bus to her house on the way there we found a trio of more crazy people and then our prophet tried to rob a taxi. we finally got her to the right bus stop and she started talking to everyone making prophecies. she told me to read a sign as fast as I could because it was a Hebrew message but it was really an advertisement for a office store. then she asked a little girl if she had a demon and the little girl in the cutest voice ever said “no we are good…just my little sister is bad…she hit me” it was so cute and so funny everyone at the stop was laughing…in the end we got her on the bus and I hope she got off at her house. on the way home (well after our curfew) we found another crazy woman but decided to leave her alone…moral of the story Brazil is a different place at night…

we also had a ward Christmas party and it was an epic hit…there were tons of people there and the food was sooo good.

Some bad news is that I got sick and colds in this heat are rough but I spent 3 days in a rough state and feel way better today.

I had some cool teaching experiences because Elder Clark has been in Santos for a week. I was kinda like a therapist for 3 people. one was a couple that is separating because he cant find work and its causing contention. the other was a young girl who wants to change but likes her life in the fast lane. the other was a mom who has a problematic child, he is problematic because she was a crack addict for all his childhood and he resent her for it. in the end all of the people were touched and all recognized the power Christ has to help them

SO yeah that’s it 🙂

Merry Christmas to all 🙂

Love Elder Winstanley

Christmas2 2014 Christmas3 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas4 2014 Christmas5 2014


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