Dec. 15, 2014

This week was pretty good.

we did a service project for Adriana the one who has a daughter on the mission and it was a good time. we worked hard and it was nice to do that kinda work again haha

We also had a meeting with president and it was ok. I’m finding that I’ve turned into a leader in the mission, young missionaries know me and I don’t know them haha its weird, its gone by so fast, I’m turning into an old guy in the mission.

We had a concert here in our ward for Christmas. it was full of the best singers in our mission. it was really something, one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. there were over 200 people to see it was great.

I also went to Isabel’s (the one who has an anti Mormon husband) for her b-day BBQ and it was kinda awkward at first but was way fun in the end. we did help them see we are not freaks haha

I also met a woman named Luciana she has a 13 year old son who is in a coma with a sickness that is preventable in the US. it made me sad but we explained about the plan of salvation and about life after death and she really likes it. in the end she likes her religion but at least we were able to bring the spirit into her house.

There is also this really cute little girl that loves my magic. her name is Anabia. one day we decided to knock on some doors…something we almost never do but we wanted to tell people about “he is the gift” (if you don’t know what it is youtube it!!!!!!!) but this girl was sad because we did not have time to do a magic trick and each time we went to leave she would yell “tio” (sounds like chio) which means uncle, I think that is a cute custom here that little kids call young adults uncle and aunt haha. but she would call us and make up a question so we would not leave and her last question was if she could help us and we said sure, in the end she knew everyone in the apartment building and everyone loves her so no one rejected us. it was great 🙂

then we got to church. I taught the principles of the gospel class and I talked about President Monson’s talk about Walking as Jesus walked and not were he walked…it was soooo good, there were 21 people there and most were not members of the church but they all loved it. then I gave a talk about personal revelation and about how we believe that God still talks to us and I’ve never gotten more complements on a talk in my life 🙂 it was way cool

soooo yeah I hope your all doing well too 🙂

Love Elder Winstanley

Adriana banana leaf 12:14

Elder Clark, Adriana’s mom, Adriana and Me              Big banana leaf

big money 12:14 Elder Clark 12:14

Mad skills                                                                 Me and Elder Clark  haha

mowing 12:14 yard work tools 12:14

Mowing with an electric mower                                 yard work tools


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