Dec. 1, 2014

This week was good.

We had a sweet activity at a members house and I taught everyone how to build an origami box, and we talked about counting our blessings, literally and putting them in the box…it was way cool. one little girl wrote my name and put it in her box…it was sweet.

We also had a Council meeting and that was ok…I’m not a huge fan of going all the way to Santos but it was cool

There are a ton of people that we are working with

Vera- is a way cool woman with a great family. they love us. the only problem is that they don’t make much money and they sell food on the beach on Sunday morning so they cant come to church. but the daughter (who is younger than Addi but looks like she is 18) takes our English class so that’s cool.

Tylita- is a girlfriend of a less active member but she and her family are talking with us and liking it a lot. they think me leaving on a mission with a girl friend at home is inspiring.

Adriana- has a daughter on a mission, is married to a returned missionary (inactive) and her mom is also a member. she finally opened up to us and we are changing her life…I hope she chooses to get baptized.

Patricia- was baptized this week and it was a amazing. she is the greatest.. she baptismal service was one of the best ive seen.

Fatima and Eloy- Eloy was baptized in 1984 and does not know much but things are going very well with them. they are learning a lot and really like us.

Madilena and Isabel- is a rough situation. Isabel is married to an anti Mormon but she really likes church and us and believes in it all but is afraid to act because it might ruin her marriage. we are trying everything we can to help the,.

so here is a funny story for you. I saw one day that the water was not leaving the baptismal fount so I thought that I would just bring the plunger that night and fix it…I spent almost an hour trying to plunger it and then I found a button that said “drain fount” I was soooo sad haha

We then had a cool lunch where the woman was crying and thanking us…she said i changed the lives of her three boys…it made me feel good.

Patricia’s baptism was soooo great. 3 young women sang and it was so pretty. I conducted the meeting and it was good. when they were changing I put it a short seminary video and it was about ballet so that was cool haha. then elder Clark sang the closing hymn it was pretty good.

that night I went to an inactive members house and we all cried (except the new missionary who did not understand anything…he is way new) they said I saved there marriage and lives…this week they will go back to church.

Then P-day came and we went to the church to play ball, football, hacky sack and ping pong. Me and Elder Zenger (who is a friend of Hailey Hunts) played 8 games of 21 I won 5 and he won 3 but I died. I’ve never been so tired. then I killed some people in ping pong…I’ve gotten way better at that game haha.

But yeah that was my week.

patricia's baptismLove Elder Winstanley


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