Nov. 24, 2014

So this week was also pretty normal. There were 2 really great highlights.

The first was an interview with president that got me super pumped up. and that led into a division i did in an area with some new missionaries. There I did a baptismal interview that was epic and helped the new elders. We had a great study secc and they seemed to like me.

I also received a package from home which is always nice…it had a football, a journal. rubics cube, a sweet tie, hacky sack and cards 🙂 great day!!!!

Also Elder Clark has picked up a new idea of meeting people…we enter into condominiums (a place with a lot of apartment buildings) and I do magic tricks…I’ve had to learn some new ones because the people already know my stuff haha.

Anyway I hope everyone has a great thanks giving!!!!!!

Love Elder Winstanley

iron man 11:14 chillin by the river 11:14

iron man likes the law of chastity                             just chillin’ by the river!


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