Nov. 17, 2014

well this week was super good

We worked super hard and taught a bunch and then had a meeting with President Cabral lots has changed in our work but they were good changes.

our new chapel here opened and we had some open houses that no one went to and then we had the dedication that over 200 people went to. it was sooo great. the new church is sooo nice…ill try and send some pics.

then church was super good too. then I had to spend the night with some other elders because Elder Clark had to go to santos. it was cool because they are new missionaries and i got to help them out a little and then this morning we went to play basketball. and that was a blast. the rim was like 9’5″ so I pretty much just slammed it all day. haha

Basically I am doing super well I hope all is going good at home too!

Love you guys,

Love Elder Winstanley

Amish Derek 11:14 dunking 11:14 Shooting 11:14 new chapel 11:14 Napping 11:14


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