Oct. 20, 2014

Well it was a great week full of a lot of work and some good fun.

It started with a family home evening with Amilton a new member who was about to have a surgery. We played charades everyone was doing animals and it was super funny and then we asked them what they would do if we put Christ’s name on there it was a good message.

Paulo the guy that got baptized at the beginning of the month is sooo cool he took us to him moms house because he likes church so much. then the next day we were helping him paint his house and his mom came over to help make us lunch…it was epic we did a cool message after. we put condensed milk in a mustard bottle and had everyone try some…we explained how missionaries we feel like we are selling mustard and no one really wants to hear but when they do they realize that this church or this mustard is different…its sweet 🙂 it was cool. She ended up coming to church and she loved it…then Paulo invited her to be baptized. it was a cool experience.

we also visited some less active members and they live in the middle of the jungle it was cool. I even caught some fireflies;

We did a scavenger hunt with the youth throughout the church in the scavenger hunt I was Mormon and i put my tie around my head and wrote on gold plates it was funny. and then when we were talking about Jackson county Missouri in church history i did the moonwalk so everyone would remember the name Jackson haha.

I also had an opportunity to interview a young man to be baptized h used to be a drug dealer and really changed his life it was a cool talk him and i had.

we did a sweet activity with the members about being one of heart…elder Clark and I spent a good time building a heart out of paper and numbered them to make a big puzzle. we gave the members the papers to draw on and then put the heart back together and taped it and then flipped it over…it worked out perfectly…we then talked about being Zion and one of heart and how even though we are different we are a family.

coming home one night I was excited and me and elder Araujo had a race…. i won but it was super funny running with bags and a shirt and tie haha

we are also teaching a young man Armando who is super smart and wants to be baptized. he is a good guy.

last cool thing…there is like a mini Komodo  dragon that lives outside my house in the jungle but eats the trash on the street…he probably weighs 10 or 15 pounds and is about 3 feet long…i. will. catch. him…

Love you all

Love Elder Winstanley

lizard trapball4


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