Nov. 3, 2014

What an epic week!!!!

I hit 1 year but it was funny 1 year did not mean too much to me. I was just really busy working…we did by a pizza to celebrate but it was just another day of work. its weirder to think i com home in like 11ish months

Halloween was weird. its called Witch day here. some kids dressed up for school but its just not the same. i really was up for some trick or treating but it would be weird here haha…there is always next year

We had a baptism this week!!! it was amazing. His name is Armando he is super cool and a great guy. at his baptism I played the guitar and sang with his girl friend  “procuro a arcuades” “I like to look for rainbows” it was sick!!!

We had a family Home Evening in the house of a member and it was super cool. our investigator liked it a lot. we put pepper in water and put her finger in it and explained how we get dirty living in this world and then we put her finger in clean water to represent baptism and put soap on her finger to represent the Hold ghost. then when you put your finger back in “the world” the pepper runs away from your finger. it was cool

There is a new chapel that will get dedicated next week and we will have like 3 baptisms that day haha. the people her are so excited for it to open

Paulo is doing great he received the priesthood and will baptize his mom next week. He said the prayer at the end of testimony meeting and it blew my mind. he is the greatest.

I’m also reading El Livre De Mormon…my French is getting better. I can understand a lot of it.

This morning we played ball with some beach bums. it was pretty fun. me and Elder Zanger Get a long really well. I’m hopping the next time I get transferred that I score another Coloradan and him and I can be comps…

Then we went to the Praia dos Sonhos…beach of dreams. we took a bunch of pics

Basically I’m going really good. I love everyone so much!!!!!

Love Elder Winstanley

Armondo ball 11:3:14 crab hump day


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