Sept. 29, 2014

My week was EPIC!!!

I’m in Belas Artes…its sooo cool here!!! there are more mosquitoes than I would like but its cool I can deal with it. Its super awesome here. a little more humble but I’m not in the ghetto.

My new comp is Elder Wiscombe…my favorite comp until now…he is sooooo funny!!! we laugh all the time and work hard. he is a guy everyone gets a long with and I’m a guy that a lot of people get a long with and it just works out.

Our best investigators are a family. Paulo And Juliana, they have 5 kids in total. all under the age of 8…3 are his 1 hers and 1 theirs. They had been taught one time and when i get here we talked about the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom they loved the idea of kingdoms of glory and not of heaven and hell. they ask some really good questions and really want to know more about god and our Savoir.  they gave us their coffee and said that they had already tried to stop a few times because they knew it was bad so they were pumped to have an excuse to stop. they then went to church on Sunday and loved it…they will be baptized this week!!!

We are also teaching a kid who thinks I’m the coolest ever…he loves my magic tricks thinks I’m a great soccer player and basketball star and he thinks I can play the piano like a boss and wants me to teach him how to solve the rubics cube. his dad is an active member but is not baptized because he is not married to his partner but the son wants to get baptized.

So on Sunday it turned out that I’m the new ward pianist…it was rough but everyone thinks it was better than nothing…I also have to learned 2 songs for the choir haha. They finished building a chapel here so next month we will move out of the house we are using and use the chapel and have our concert…I’m nervous.

Then something funny. that night we went to a members house and he is super old and talks forever so we were trying to cut him off and teach our lesson but it was not going well but we thought it was funny.

We also thought it was funny because in Portuguese when a word begins with R or has 2 R´s in the middle of a word it is more like an H sound (for example; respond=responder(hesponder)) but he rolls his R’s like an Hispanic there are a few older people here like that…its not uncommon but its different…it made us laugh even more and then when elder Wiscombe was giving the last prayer for us to go the TV turned on in another room and it was opera….he finished the prayer and him and I started laughing soooo hard…it was super funny.

But anyway. I’m doing great love you all

Love Elder Winstanley

mosquito killingb-ball:beach


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