Sept. 21, 2014

Well it was a crazy week. It started on Tuesday when My comp and I decided to cross a swamp…it made me mad…we got really dirty. But it turned out ok…my shoes even survived…im still using the same shoes as day 1, These shoes were expensive but were totally worth every penny.

We started teaching 4 really cool people

Ronaldo is a man that is wheelchair bound…he is super cool though…he is supper funny too.

Lucas is a guy that has a family of 6, he is an engineer and pretty rich…usually that means prideful but he was super cool with us and is reading to Book of Mormon and will pray to see if its the truth…he had doubts about the word of God outside of the Bible but when we explained that its another testament and the bible is still important he thought it was cool.

Alana, is a woman with a little boy. she seems really cool but its always a little awkward to teach her because in Brasil breast feeding is something public and she lives alone so we teach her on her porch but its still weird because it always seems that the little buy is hungry when we get there. so we are letting the sisters teach her.

Cidny is divorced and his ex-wife and kid are members in another state. he has been a few times and wants to join the church. he lives a little ways away but is a super cool guy…i really want him to marry Aliny, she is a member here, she was baptized a year ago and has two kids, one that has 4 years and the other 4 months  after she had the second baby her husband took off…she is the greatest and told me she will probably never get married  again (she is only 25 years old) because there are no single men in the church and the men outside of the church usually drink and smoke and marriage is rare here…people just live together. so we will see about that

We had some problems with the sisters here again. We talked to president and it looks like he will help us with the situation…the problem is, is there was a transfer and im going to Belas Artes and The sisters and Elder Machado are both staying…they really don’t respect him so it might be rough for him…but we will see

My new Comp is Elder Wiscombe From Highlands Ranch Colorado…my second American and my second Coloradan haha I’m way excited to work with him…he is super cool and I know that we will work hard!

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well, Love you all

Love Elder Winstanley

Comp Wiscomberbom family tree


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