Sept. 15, 2014

So its the last week of the transfer. Im not exactly sure how i feel about it.

This week was a good one. some hard times but some good ones that made it a good week for me.

At the beginning of the week we had a zone meeting and it was a mess. the other missionaries here have some problems with obedience and like to break a lot of mission rules. In the end Elder Machado and I gave a really good presentation. We talked about the Holy Ghost and used a thing called Prezzi…its like power point on roids!!! it looked so good. and after President thanked us and said that it is not our fault that things are like this here. We just need to be patient.

We did a Family Home Evening in the church on Wednesday and we wanted to talk about the light of Christ and we had planed to turn off all of the lights and give everyone candles…and guess what happened…the power went out in all of Registro haha everyone was freaking out and shocked that I had candles in my bag haha it was so wonderful.

The Sister Training Leaders came to help the Sisters that are here…they are having some really big problems and are close to being sent home…The sisters were really mad at us that we told the trainers the situation but itll be ok. they are doing a little better now.

On Saturday we had a sweet lesson with Akida (our friend from Japan) He told us about how is wife and kids were murdered in Japan. So we explained about the plan of salvation and how this life is not the end. We asked him who Christ is to him and he said that he did not know, just that Elder Machado and I talk bout him and so does Mormonshou (the Book of Mormon in Japanese) and he said he believes in that book and in us…it was a really cool deal.

Sunday was a great day. I had to teach The gospel Principles and Give a talk, i was afraid that i was unprepared but it turned out really well. my class was really good and my talk had to be 20n minutes but it was a good one. I talked about fasting and Family Home Evening.

We Then went to the Branch presidents house for lunch…the food was sooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ate sooooo much. then we talked about how we can help te branch here…it was cool. he said my talk was super cool. he loves the way I give talks because it seems like im having a good time and just messing around, not giving a memorized talk…that probably why I give talks here every other week haha

We then spent our day in his neighborhood looking for some inactive members…its a richer area so i was skeptical but it was great. we found 2 wonderful families that we are working with now.

Love you guys

Love Elder Winstanley


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