Oct. 6, 2014

This week was epic. its been the best 2 weeks of my mission and it ended with a sad note. First we had a leadership conference and that was cool then we had a zone conference the next day so we stayed in another house…they had air conditioning…what?!?!?!? then there was our zone meeting. it was ok mine and Elder Wiscombes part was super cool. we put condensed milk in a mustard bottle and explained we are like mustard salesmen, we know that our mustard is good but everyone else thinks all mustard is bad. we have to explain why ours is good.

Then there is Paulo and Juliana…they are the greatest…they agreed to everything and were baptized Saturday. It was sooo amazing!!!! Paulo works nights at a pizzeria and we bought a pizza from him using just coins haha.

We are also teaching a young man and his mom is pretty anti Mormon and we were having a mini bible bash and she was not listening so in the end I asked her if she read the book of Mormon and she said no so I said “read it, and pray about it…if you still feel the way you do that’s ok but you wont change my mind about it. but you cant try and tell me why I’m wrong if you don’t know what I believe.”

It was a cool experience because she was trying to tell me why Joseph Smith was a fake and I told her “there are a million facts both good and bad about him but” I said “if the book of Mormon is the word of God along with the bible then he was a prophet, if not then I’m wasting 2 years of my life preaching a lie.” I think she understood

Conference was epic!!!!! I’ve never learned so much in my life…there were like 6 of us watching all of the talks in English it was sooo cool…and then the Portuguese one came on I watched it in Portuguese!!!!!!!!!! in between sessions on Sunday we went to the beach and took some pics and found a beach ball court that we decided to play on this morning.

Then last night I received the bad news…I knew things were to good. Elder Wiscombe and i were doing to well together…he is one of the best friends I have ever had. its been the best 2 weeks of my mission, we laughed we worked and did everything we needed to do and it was fun. We think so much a like. it was weird how many times we did or said the same thing. and last night I found out he got transferred.

I really did get pretty sad… but its ok. we woke up and went to play ball…it was soooooo sick!!!!!!!!! but after we got tired of playing hard we decided to play horse and I got his ball stuck in a coconut tree and we had an adventure getting it down. today was one of the most memorable days of my mission…

So my new comp is Elder Clark from……wait for it…….Colorado haha my third American and my third Coloradan haha. he is from Loveland and we were in the MTC together. He is super cool and I’m way excited but I’m sad to say good bye to E. Wiscombe,

Well yeah that’s whats going on

LOVE you guys

Love Elder Winstanley

watching conference 10:14Rau's house

Watching conference 10/2014                             Rau’s house

Vinni & Familyzone conf7

Vinni and her family                                             3 elders up front are all from Colorado!


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