Sept. 8, 2014

 Well this was a great week!!!

We taught a ton!!! we made a goal to only work with members this week and it led us to find tons of new people to teach 🙂 

We were talking to this one kid who was baptized last year and his uncle was there and I’m not kidding you he was Kip from napoleon dynamite!!! it was so funny

Karla who was baptized when I first got here had her baby and her name is Layla, she is the cutest freaking thing ever haha 

We also met a few new cool people, a really funny old man that can talk forever, it was so funny how he bounces around. A Woman who understand very well what we are teaching. she seems pretty cool. 

We had one of the coolest lessons I have ever had this week. we were walking and we saw a Japanese dude writing in Japanese (not to weird, this is like new Japan in brazil) and Elder Machado knows a little Japanese so we went to talk to him and he was reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese!!!!!! it turned into the coolest thing ever!!! he does not believe in  God but he liked talking to us and we will keep on talking to him and helping him. 

I’ve been getting pretty good at magic tricks and what I do now is a magic trick and leave the card with someone and tell them if they bring me the card on Sunday in church I will teach them how to do it…its kinda bribing but in the end they will feel the spirit at church and have a good time so its ok 🙂 

I’m turning into a pretty good English teacher…of my 10 students 8 understand “to be” the hardest verb pretty well, I made a word search with new verbs for this week.

Elder Machado and I are going to give a training to our zone tomorrow about the holy ghost, we have learned tons and are using a program called Prezzi, its pretty Epic!

We also had 2 investigators in church yesterday so that is great 🙂

This morning I also turned more into a man because I mounted 2 bunk beds, a table and 4 chairs, with a coin a weight and a butter knife, I’m getting pretty good at this stuff 🙂 

Any way I love you all and hope you are having a great day!!!

Love Elder Winstanley

bunkbeds 2class 7:2014Derekfoos ball


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