Sept. 2, 2014

Well It was a pretty good week. 

It started out with a Division With Miracaru. It was a good day. They are 2 Elders that are close to being sent home so they were needing some help and I think we did a good job. It was funny a Dog followed me and Elder De Oliveira around for 4 hours. we also talked with like 20 people for them to start teaching so that’s cool.  

We did a Family home evening with the Branch here and Elder Machado and I explained cool fun ways to study the scriptures. I put on some music from Star Wars and started reading in a really epic voice. Every one laughed, we also had people mimic scripture stories, it was a good time. I attached a pic of everyone after the activity.

We had to spend a day in the church because some guys had to do some work on the church. I decided to put the down time to use and I taught myself to play God Be With You Till We Meet Again on the piano, Its pretty cool. I’m going to start learning another now haha. 

We also went to Santos again, it was a super good time. In the conference My mission president did the Ice Bucked challenge so that was funny. Him Elder Thurgood and I all had the same suit on His wife liked that. He also thanked me for helping all of the Elders in my zone who are having troubles, he said everyone is doing better. 

After the conference I was chillin with the Assistants to the President out side of their house waiting for the keys and we made up a baseball game hitting little fruits with a piece of wood I found haha it was a good time. 

I’m looking forward to another good week, love you all!!! 

Love Elder Winstanley

3 matching suits

My mission Pres. now has the same suit as Elder Thurgood and I! 


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