Aug. 4, 2014 Sorry I’m out of order

So I’m sorry I did not write last week. I did not have much of a p-day haha but ill do a quick some up of my week

On Wednesday President Cabral came here and did a bunch of interviews with the slacker missionaries in my zone and I spent a lot of time talking to his wife…she likes me haha.  

Thursday we had to replace the sisters shower head for them and I like went into a counseling session with one of them because she got engaged to a missionary in our mission so thats no good.  

We do this funny thing. sometimes when we don’t have anything to do we look for cool houses and we say “Id eat lunch in that house” and then we try and make a contact.  

There is this crazy guy here that tells us he is a reincarnated Elies and that he baptized himself in the river and that Moroni and Nephi are witnesses….he is nuts!!! 

There was a horse behind a wall and we could only see his head and Elder Thurgood jumped so high….it was so freaking funny He thought it was a monster haha. 

when we were chillin with the sisters one day the really annoying one was telling us about how persistent she is and that she never gives up until she gets something so I said learn how to juggle and I showed her how to do it and she tried for a while and said it was impossible and then I said no its easy and elder thurgood said wait let me try and he pretended to fail a few times and she said see its hard and then he tried again and nailed it haha it was sooo funny,

Yesterday was amazing We had 2 investigators in church and we taught priesthood and sunday school and then we had a good lesson with the sisters and then we had a lesson with an old investigator and I changed the lesson plan in the middle of the lesson I didn’t really know why but it was defiantly the spirit. in the end she committed to be baptized 🙂 Then we thought of a cool message to give to some recent converts and those 2 people that went to church. we talked about the natural man being lazy and compared it to a basketball and said we need to do things to keep our spiritual progress in motion and we can do some pretty cool tricks spinning the ball on our fingers EPIC!!! 

Also yesterday I got called as the first counselor in the group of Elders in the branch

Love Elder Winstanley



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