Aug. 25, 2014

 So this week was pretty good.  

On Tuesday we had a conference with Elder Holland!!!! that was pretty Epic and he said something interesting. He told me to be the missionary everyone thinks I am. so I would like to know.

Who do you think I am?

What am I doing? 

Then on Wednesday we had an emergency transfer and Elder Batista left. It made me sad because he is so funny, but at least I have a bed now haha. 

While he was packing I did something amazing!

I mounted a table all by myself. I had 20 pieces of wood, some screws and a Portuguese instruction book and I did it!!! Basically I was just a boy last week and now I’m a man.

Other than that this week was pretty uneventful. I have to go to Santos again next week so we will make the most of this week….I hope everyone is doing well.

Love You!!! 

Love Elder Winstanley

pres. Hollanddesk


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