Aug. 18, 2014

Well its been 2 weeks. 2 very long, long weeks

lets start from the beginning.

My last week with Elder Thurgood was great. we worked hard and got a lot done. 2 cool things we did was a race and play ball. we are defiantly the most athletic in the mission so we wanted to know who is the best. the race was freaking close. like amazing close. but I think he got me by a bats eye lash. then we played ball and I thought he would win in that too because he was a starter for Fort Collins but in one on one I got him. it was a lot of fun to do something athletic again.

P-day arrived and so did transfers. Elder Thurgood is now working in the mission office. my new comp got here and is Elder Machado. I already lived with him in Vila Sonia. he is pretty cool, a hard worker. 

Our first problem was when we got home with his 200 pound suit case we realized that Elder Thurgood took the keys with him. So we spent all day trying to find a way in. Then Elder Thurgood called and left with keys in Micacatu which is a lot closer so we got on a bus and went to get them, after 24 reis ($10) and 4 hours we finally got home and went to go buy food.

That’s where our second problem started. Elder Batista called and said he is in a trio with us so we went to go get him at the bus station. we got home and got everything settled. 

That’s when the third problem started we only have 2 beds so being the nice guy I am I said I’m good to sleep on a cardboard box haha its not great but it works out ok haha 

fourth problem I found out my zone is almost all missionaries who have problems with the rules in the mission and might get sent home early…this transfer is like their last chance. 

Fifth problem started the next day, it was 104 degrees and then the next day was 40 it went from really hot to pretty cold really fast haha 

On Wednesday we had the sixth problem, it was a cool Family home evening we had planed, we wanted to watch 17 miracles. first problem, started really late, second the dvd player broke but we got a new one, third, the dvd was stuck in the old one, but I dissected it. fourth problem the movie is only in English so only I understood. but in the end people had a good time.

Seventh problem. in church I had to teach Priesthood, gospel principles, play the piano, pass the sacrament and give a 30 minute talk (I was not prepared to do any of them) but it actually turned into a nice day. 

The best part about this all is that it was still a wonderful week. we got a lot of work done and had a lot of fun in spite of so many problems.  

And to top it all off I get to meet Elder Holland tomorrow 🙂 

Basically I’m doing pretty good, I hope Everyone is doing well at home too…

Love Elder Winstanley



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