July 14, 2014

What a week. I’m pretty sure I’ve slept more in 2 days than I did all this week.

Monday we taught someone who lives in the jungle and stayed there until 11 and got home at midnight.

Tuesday there was a game so we had to stay home and “sleep” but then Elder Thurgood bought a guitar and we started learning how to play, with the help of some other elders and a book he bought we are getting pretty good, we can play some basic songs.

Wednesday we went to Santos (a 4 hour bus ride) because we had a conference on Thursday morning to celebrate 1 year. but the people weren’t ready so we literally pulled an all nighter helping prepare the church for the party/conference

Thursday we had to stay awake and help with the conference and give a training to the whole mission about Family history which actually turned out pretty good. We found out that one of the 12 apostles is coming here next month and then took a bus ride home (I can’t sleep on buses) we got home at 1:30. (we also get up at 6:30 every day, without exception)

Friday we worked our tails off because it was our only real day of work . 

Saturday had another game and we finally got a little sleep. 

But it was a good week, I’m looking forward to a normal week of work though.

Love you all!!!

Love Elder Winstanley

leadership counselclass 7:2014


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