July 7, 2014

last day in Praia grande 7:2014




This was taken my last day in Priaia!

Well this week was epic!!! my transfer was a mess. I was all alone without a cell phone trying to get on a bus to Registro that does not exist so I went to the streets with suitcases and everything (a bad idea as an American) and luckily a member found me and took me here in his car…he is a freaking angle.

My new Area is Registro and it is pretty epic. Its huge and a lot of hills. I’m hoping I get into better shape for it. The people are a little more closed here so the work is harder but we have some good plans

My new comp is elder Thurgood from Colorado….he is epic!!! he reminds me of Ben Steele. We are working so hard and learning a lot from each other…we had a conference for the Zone leaders with was pretty cool. Its a little more work to be a leader in the mission but it is awesome at the same time.

Being a zone leader I have to do interviews to see if someone is actually prepared for baptism and I’ve already done 2…it is a pretty cool thing to see the testimony of someone who is just getting to know the gospel.

We also had a wedding on Saturday that was a mess but it turned out amazing in the end. After the wedding a young man got baptized and then on Sunday the woman that was married was baptized too…it was amazing!!!!!

Basically I’m really tired and really good and really excited. I hope everyone at home is doing well and that my parents are only having a little fun at Lake Powell, because I’m pretty sad I’m not there…but then again I’m in Brasil! haha.

Love Elder Winstanley

Thurgood twins 7:2014

Elder Thurgood , who is also from Colorado bought the exact same suit and tie and we went to the conference as twins!!!


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