June 30, 2014

well it was an amazing week…we taught a ton and had a transfer…

First cool story, this one family we are teaching, the daughter wants to give her unborn child the name Winstanley because it is cool haha the mom had a dream about me entering her house on a donkey so that’s weird haha she wanted me to interpret what it means but i did not know what to say haha

The president of the branch did not want me to be transferred and some other people too…it made me feel good to know I made a difference here. one member wants me to baptize his daughter but I wont be here to do it so Elder Lima will have the honors. 

Something funny, I was chasing a lizard in our house and when it tried to climb on the roof it fell and landed in a plastic bag and got stuck so I saved him haha 

we had a sweet party in the church and tons of people came it was epic

And now the transfer…I’m going to Registro…it is the most south in our mission. and it gets a little cold there if you can believe it hhaa…my new comp is Elder Thrugood from fort Collins, Colorado so that’s cool and we are the Zone Leaders there so that’s cool

Anyway that’s it for this week…I can’t send pics on this comp so I will send more next week.

Love you guys

Love Elder Winstanley


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