June 16, 2014

Well it was a pretty good week. A lot of work and one baptism 🙂

Last week I went to the post office (a 1 hour walk) and it was assaulted and a bus burned. The people are going crazy because of the world cup. When Brasil plays we have to stay in house. Its nice to have some more time to study but it is funny because we know how many goals Brasil makes and if they won because of the fire works and screaming haha

Some Jehovah’s Witness missionaries knocked on our door when we were studying and I went and talked to them and it was interesting. After a while some people were looking and us and he started saying some really mean things about the LDS church, so I quietly defended the church and invited him to pray and ask god if what I said was true and he got really mad and left. I think it was cool because all the people there talked to me after and said that it was very mature how I talked to a grown man and did not get offended and many of them want to learn more about the church 🙂

So I love hot sauce and São Paulo does not have very hot food but one member gave me some really strong hot sauce that was suuuuppppeeerrrr goood and suuupppeeeerrr hot. I have a video of me eating one of the peppers that was inside and it is pretty funny haha.

So our baptism was a woman named Maria José. She is so sweet. She always calls us the dear angles of god. She already knew a lot about the church and was very willing to learn more, and her baptism was very special 🙂

Well that was it this week. Love you all. Have a great day!!!

Love Elder Winstanley

Maria Jose




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