May 26, 2014

This was an amazing week!!!!!! 

First story; I went to an investigators house and she had some 7th day evangelists missionaries as well. at first I was like…AWKWARD!!!!! but it actually turned out kinda cool…she had a lot of doubts about the Holy Ghost because most churches here have people that get up and scream and yell weird words and think it is the holy ghost…So we were answering her questions and Elder Lima and I and the other missionaries were teaching the same thing…so it was cool…weird…but cool

Id like to talk about yesterday real quick…It was an amazing day!!!!! we had 5 investigators in church. Matilde bore her testimony in a class about the holy ghost and literally everyone was crying little after…it was such a touching story and it was amazing too see how she has grown these past 2 months.

Then after church we had 2 baptisms…they were in another chapel because our fount is outside and It is real a lot here and “cold” in Brazilian terms…But it was amazing!!! And it was cool because It was exactly 12 years ago yesterday I was baptized so we all share that day now 🙂

Then the day was amazing we had lunch and it was tacos!!!! it was Elder Limas first time eating them and they were way good…everything was home made because you cant buy taco stuff here.

Then we taught a bunch and had dinner with a member and then came home and a bunch of other missionaries called me and wished me a happy birthday 🙂 basically it was great 🙂


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