May 5, 2014

Its crazy to think I’ve been gone for more than 6 months. I turn 20 this month…I’m going through a mid-mission-crisis…if I can say thats real haha. 

It was a rather uneventful week. Well uneventful as in nothing extraordinary happened but its hard to say uneventful when your a missionary in brazil haha 

One cool story is that we were at this girls house teaching her about The Book of Mormon and her little sister was playing with marbles and she asked me if i knew how to play. Now I will be straight with all of you, when I was younger I played a lot of marbles with my brother and dad and I’m pretty good at it. So she gave me a marble and I had this sick shot from deep and all the little kids thought I was amazing. then The same little girl gave me 3 marbles and I juggled them and then shot them into the can of other marbles on the other side of the room and made them all (basically I was a marble ninja). and then to make it even better we had a great lesson with this young woman and she wants to be baptized…now we just have to convince her mom we are not a cult haha. 

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all

Love Elder Winstanley 

PS Happy late birthday Shelby and early Birthday Nicolle!!!

PPS Chance McCallister I was reading D&C 38:12 and thought of you…and Dr.Who haha


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