May 12, 2014

Well it was an interesting week. Full of highs and lows. It started out with a zone conference with President Crabral. But something was off there and he canceled the meeting because he was not feeling the spirit with us. The conference was rescheduled 2 days after and it was great. we talked about faith and evidences and something kinda cool happened there.

Sister Cabral has given all of the missionaries like 15 speeches and scriptures to read and study and then write her about what we learned and how we plan to become better missionaries…anyway I loved the idea and did them all and I guess I’m the only one who has done that so she really likes me for that…she said my studies teach her more than they teach me so that made me feel good.

On Saturday we helped this investigator of ours, Maria José move into a new house. It was a long process but it all worked out. It was nice to get a good work out too haha. she is great and was supposed to be baptized on Sunday but when we got there Sunday morning she told us about how her husband wont let her be baptized and she also got Dangee the night before and had to go to the hospital…I was super sad but we worked things out with her husband and she has a date for this Sunday.

After we left her house we went to Cleitons house. He was baptized 2 weeks ago and got a job the next day…its fine because he does not work on Sundays but 2 weeks ago he was sick and he had to work this week and it looks like he is moving into the interior of Brazil now…The reason this is so sad to me is because he still has not received the gift of the holy ghost and that is a part of baptism…I hope it works out for him.

Something great was skyping home on mothers day!!! It was so great to see them and talk to all of them. Erica was at my house too so that was pretty great 🙂 I love my family!!!! 

Well I hope everyone had a good mothers day!!

Love Elder Winstanley

This was a pic I took on April 30th…we bought a pizza to celebrate my 6 months



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