April 28, 2014

Well It was a pretty good week. We were super busy and had a baptism. His name is Cleiton and he is way sick! It was a way spiritual experience and for sure changed my life. 

Something funny is that it cooled off quite a bit because of some rain it was like 15 C. So I’m all excited for some nice weather and everyone here was prepared for the arctic winter…people were in ski jackets and hats…I wanted to laugh haha 

We are teaching this blind guy that’s pretty cool but it made me feel good that he did not know I was American until the second lesson. Some other people have said I don’t really have an accent so that makes me happy 🙂 

We did a service project for a less active member and I got some blisters on my hands and actually kinda liked it…It was nice to work with my hands a gain…but anyway he is less active because he is a cop and there are a solid about of drug lords that live here and he is afraid of people finding out he is a cop…which brings me to the drugs…I’ve never seen stuff like this…Coke in the middle of the day on the corner of a street? its a different world here…But the drug dealers like us because they like God, Americans, and people that don’t rat them out so when ever we pass them they yell “Os Cadsa De Deus!!!” (the dudes of God) and smile at us so that’s…interesting. 

I was on a bus last night and this guy who was in the clothes of another church passed me and punched me in the ribs…The old me would have got mad, but I was actually kinda happy because I thought to myself…aah this happened to Jesus too, and I’m representing Him. It felt good to forgive the fool haha 

Oh and Addi, I saw some wild parrots the other day…thought you would like that 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Love Derek



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