April 20, 2014

Well It was a good week. I stayed in Vila Sonia with Elder Seixas. The other 2 elders that were with us were both transferred to my first area, and no one replaced them here in the Branch so its just Elder Seixas and I with 2 areas now. its a lot of work but it is pretty great. I’m loving it here. 

We had an Easter conference the other day and that was pretty great… I learned a lot about The Atonement of Jesus Christ and what exactly he did for us and it was great. 

Some cool stories. The other day we walked by a door and Elder seixas asked me if I had the courage to knock on a random door and teach a lesson right there on the spot, missionaries here don’t really knock on random doors because there are so many people that want to learn about God we don’t have time to just knock on random doors, But I did it anyway and now the family wants to learn more so that’s cool 🙂

Another is that we were at the branch presidents house and he tossed a chocolate to elder Seixas and I snagged it out of the air and everyone was supper amazed. its kinda cool to come to a country where everyone is coordinated with their feet and not their hands.

Another funny story is that we were at Matilda´s house and she was telling us about a dream she had. In this dream someone described to her was the devil looks like, and the guy said to here “you already know him, he is white, has green eyes, light hair, and is bonito (I use bonito because pretty does not sound right)” then she stopped mid sentence and looked at me…. then we all laughed really hard

anyway things are super good for me, hope all is well back home.

Love Elder Winstanley










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