March 24, 2014

Another good week!!!

I spent the remainder of the last p day with elder Cruz again and that was cool. we got a lot done and talked with a bunch of people 

Something Kinda cool happened a couple of days ago…I had a dream I had to come home after 6 months. I was super sad and when I woke up in Brazil I was super happy…Just affirms my desire to be here haha

So we are teaching this guy Edinaldo. it was a miracle we found him and he said   he wants to give up drinking so we taught him a little and he was puking during the lesson we came back the next day and he stopped drinking shaved ate some good food and I barley recognized him. Any way he has been clean for a week now and wants to be baptized in 2 weeks. pretty cool guy. 

Our other investigator is Matilda. she is super great. she was understanding everything and even came to church but the next day her fake teeth broke and she was afraid to talk to us. We got sad and thought that Satan was trying to keep us away from her but she still came to church and watched a baptismal service, gave up coffee and takes to us with her hand over her mouth…she is so great. some of her friends make fun of her for deciding to be baptized but she just said people laughed at Jesus too…she is super great!!!

Anyway things are going super good here Love you guys 

Oh and if anyone has contact with; Logan Robisson, Betsy Connor, The Hunt Family, Abby Smith, and Brielle Worthen, tell them I’m sorry but for some reason my emails don’t get to them. 

Any way that’s it for today 

Love Elder Winstanley




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