March 17, 2014

Well it was a pretty good week. I got sick yesterday, its just a cold but it feels worse in the heat. but I don’t even care. I’m still wicked happy and more worried about the people I’m teaching haha. I straight up feel like a missionary. 

The other day Elders Seixas, Cruz, Machado and I were on the bus home from Santos. its about 30 minutes but there was some really bad traffic and we were there for 3 and a half hours… we let some ladies sit down so we were standing this whole time. but is was an interesting experience. we taught a lesson to a young woman and talked about Jesus and after a little while everyone on the bus was talking  and everyone was friends haha that’s why I love Brazil so much… when we finally started moving everyone cheered and the bus driver stood up and did a little dance while he was driving haha.

Something funny was one night My comp got up and turned on the light and started getting ready. I looked at my watch and it was 2 am so I told him to sleep and he asked what time it was so I told him and he said in the most tired happy and funny voice I’ve ever heard “da hora“ which means sweet!! haha the next day he told me about a dream he had and he described this…I told him it was not a dream and he started freaking out! haha

Something interesting…I see people doing two-zees in bikes all the time and the other day I say 5 people on one bike…it was pretty cool haha.

we were walking down the street and there were these girls that started calling me Brad Pitt and yelled “knock on my door“ I asked Elder Seixas if that had another meeting and he said no, so naturally we started talking to them and taught them about the plan of salvation. at first we were kinda kidding around because we did not have an appointment for 15 more minutes but then one of the girls got really interested and wants to know more now haha

I spent the other day as the senior comp with Elder Cruz. it was interesting because he speaks Spanish and I speak English but we spoke Portuguese all day haha. It was a way epic day, we both learned a lot!! we talked with just about everyone we met. people were so nice and impressed that we both could speak Portuguese in such little time.

So I also gave a talk in church yesterday. it was 35 minutes long and a lot off people liked what I said. It made me feel pretty good about my Portuguese when I talked for a straight half hour and everyone understood 

Anyway Love you all. Have a good Day!! 

Love Elder Winstanley




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