March 10, 2014

Ok lets do this.

My new area is Vila Sonia, Praia Grande. My new comp is Elder Seixas. And I love it!!!!!!! it is so awesome here and Elder Seixas is teaching me so much and is a super hard worker. He is from Manous Brazil and is super calm and patient but funny at the same time. we are teaching a lot and I really like him. I also live with two other elders Machado and Cruz. Elder Cruz is a brand new missionary from Bolivia and believe it or not I speak better Portuguese than him haha. its funny to talk to him, because we both have to speak in a language we don’t know to communicate haha 

There is this guy in my new area that is super funny whenever he sees the missionaries he yells “hello my friend“ and pints at me and I say “hello“ then he holds his arms out and yells “satisfaction?“ and I say it back and then he gives me the finger guns and yells “Big Life!“ I love it.

I also saw my first firefly this week so that’s cool

any way I love this new area and comp. we are teaching a lot and I’m learning a ton. I’m giving a 20 minute talk in church this week so we will see how my Portuguese is in a talk haha.


Love Elder Winstanley



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