Feb 24, 2014

Well another week down.

I decided something this week. I like ironing my shirts. its simple, universal and when it steams it sounds like Darth Vader. Good stuff.

So something interesting happened this week. I heard a song blazing from a house, pretty normal but it was unmistakably Katy Perry and I was pretty sad when I realized this was the first time I’d heard it. I’ve been out close to 4 months and I’ve already lost my knowledge of today’s music haha

a cool experience was I had a really bad day here. I went to a different area to work with a missionary from Argentina and we got almost nothing done and it was a few days in a row like this and in my prayer that night I said that I know missions are hard but I thought that if I just worked my hardest things would work out. I think God kinda showed me up a little because the next day I did not have a super good attitude at first but then everything went right. Strengthened my faith a little that I’m not doing this work alone.

Funny story of the week. We were walking and I saw a really sweet vintage car  and the owner saw me looking at it and as we passed he said to me “spainglich“ I smiled and wrote the word down to remember it and later asked Elder Resende about it. I said “Elder o que significa `spinglich?“` and he said “Elder Winstanley `spinglich` é inglês, vocé `spainglich`, eu `spek protuguese“ so it turns out the guy asked me “speak English?“ and I thought he was speaking Portuguese haha Elder Resende thought I was just mad and didn’t want to talk to the guy haha

Any ways love you guys

Love Elder Winstanley


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