Feb 17, 2014

It rained!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I just tell you guys a weather update every week haha its been pretty cool the last few days. we had a stake conference and I gave my umbrella to an investigator so I got super wet but its cool because I love rain. but then at the stake conference we had AC and I was actually cold haha almost forgot what that feels like.

Funny stories

there is an obvious transvestite/hobo in this area and the other day he/she yelled at me “alamão gostoso!!“ or “hot German“ that was…..interesting 

Right after I emailed last time I decided I wanted a hair cut and elder Resende asked if I knew where to get one here and I said no and he said he did not know either. so being rather enthusiastic at the moment I asked a random guy on the street where I could get my hair cut for cheep and he said come with me. he took me to his neighbors house and asked him if he could cut my hair and the guy said sure. he then took me into this closet of a room with a chair and a mirror and he cut my hair. It was a little ghetto but it was cheep so thats cool. 

we have this family of investigators and they are pretty cool. The father has a collection of 40 metal marvel figures like iron man and hulk. its pretty sick. he also has like 10 from star wars so I pretty much think his house is the coolest in brazil. not to mention they have AC haha.

So my companion is a conspiracy theorist. It is pretty funny but he does have me convinced that Hitler lived the rest of his days in Mexico haha but he thinks all Americans’ are Aluminates’ so that’s funny. He is really starting to grow on me. he lets things go really quick and even though he is not very obedient and doesn’t like the mission that much he is really funny and has a good spirit.

the other day I was talking with a woman from my English class. Elder Resende kinda shut down. but I cant blame him because I know how it feels to not understand anything. any way I ended up teaching the whole lesson in Portuguese and it was pretty epic. im learning pretty quick.

That brings me to my English class. They are so cool We (the bishop and me) are teaching like 100 people. he teaches a beginner class and I teach an advanced one. We basically just talk in English for an hour and it is super cool. all of my students are awesome and think I am a good professor. One kid is 16 and he is way funny. another guy is 60, Douglas, he is a diver and kinda like a hippie but super cool! this other guy I swear is Indiana Jones in the flesh. he is a teacher and an explorer of the jungles and is super funny…anyway they are all really cool.

I hope things are well at home…love you all

Love Elder Winstanley



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