February 10, 2014 (I think I missed a week….sorry)


This week was hot again. the record is a new one of 70 years now and I saw 43 degrees Celsius haha we had a cloud yesterday so that good haha. People always ask me if I am accustomed to the heat yet. I always thought that you can’t become accustomed to this but in all reality, I kinda am. Like it is still hot as all get out but I don’t really mind anymore.

I invented a new sandwich since i no longer have peanut butter. its bread margarine jelly (which in brazil is 100 times better) and granola haha its pretty good. 

So at first I thought it was just a coincidence but its getting weird now. I have had close to 20 different people here say I look like a young David A Bednar. I take it as a huge complement but dont really see it haha.

The attitude of Brazil is so wonderful. people are just happy. for example there is a huge banner on the side of a building that has a picture of a beautiful girl that says ´´smile. you are adored´´ there is no advertisement its just for people to smile haha. I love it and the people are just as nice.

Things are great for me and I hope things are well for you all at home


Love Elder Winstanley



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