Week #8


Ok world. here it is.

Things are great!!!!! I love it here!!!!! 

But the first thing I want to say is that it is hot beyond all imagination!!!! Sõu Vicente broke a record of 50 years of most consecutive days above 35 degrees C…not sure what that is in F but alls I know is that it is hot!

Cool story of the week, we baptized a kid named Igor yesterday. He is super cool and had a bunch of Mormon friends and was curious so we taught him a little and he was like Quero ser batizado. I want to be baptized. He loved the gospel and is super cool. 

Last week I was playing basketball with some Brazilians. that was very interesting. people here don’t really have coordination with hands…only feet. so the game was a little strange but they all thought I was super amazing which was cool haha

Sam Moddrik and Hailey Hunt. I am way sorry but I think the letters I sent you guys is probably floating in the Amazon river right now haha. This week I will figure out the mail system better haha

And hopefully next week we find a better hose (place of computers) so I can send some pics!!!



Love you guys!!!!!

Love Elder Winstanley


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