Week #6

Well that’s my first transfer. I found out last night I am being transferred and I find out tomorrow where. I’m real sad about it because I like Elder Ettmuller and we have developed some really good relationships here. It will be hard to leave all of that behind. I just hope my next comp likes to work because that’s all Elder Ettmuller and I know how to do. 


A cool story from this week was we had a division and I was with Elder Reis. He got to the mission the same time as me so it was a full day of two very new missionaries and I only know a little Portuguese haha. Anyway we were in my area so I was the Senior comp just because I knew the streets and people. I was super nervous about it because Elder Reis knows 1 word in English, and its not a good word haha, and I had gotten used to following Elder Ettmuller around and having him help me with Portuguese. In the end it was a great day!!! we got so much done and my Portuguese was pretty good. I feel confident in my ability now.


I had an interview with President Cabral and I only spoke Portuguese with him. He said I am not the same missionary that arrived here a month ago 🙂


Any way hope things are going well at home. GO BRONCOS!!!!!


Com Amor

Elder Winstanley



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