Week #5

Another Epic week. It is always either really hot or pouring rain. I prefer the rain but the problem is, the draining system here is awful and half of the streets are dirt so that is hard on the missionary attire. I love it though.

Our teaching is going slow, I’m getting into the flow of things and feel pretty comfortable but we are not making any real progress with anyone so that is hard.

we did talk to one guy whose whole family are members and he thinks it’s all true he just did not want to be baptized and we talked to him a little and he has decided to finally do it 🙂 that’s pretty cool

I received some letters as well which is great. I’m sending some letters home today and am pretty excited about it.

One last thing does anyone have Courtlyn Carpenters email? or remember the name of her Cello? it is driving me crazy and I have to know.

Thanks everyone for the support and prayers I am doing so well here and know it is thanks to the Lord and all my friends.

Com Amor Elder Winstanley

(This is from our family letter but I decided to include it)

Another funny story We are teaching a man named Jose Jesus and in Portuguese Jose is Joseph so we taught Jose Jesus about Jose and Jesus haha


DSC00160 DSC00171-1

This is the church in his area!                              Ward missionaries on his street.



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