Week #4 in Brazil 1/6/14

Ok this was the best week so far. My Portuguese is getting better and people are starting to understand me.

I have never been this hot. One day it was wicked hot and we needed to go to the town over but did not have money for the bus so we walked. I sweated soo much. When we got to the chapel (this town actually has one. Ours is kinda like a renovated 2 story house) I drank so much water but I swear I was sweating out more than I was taking in. haha.

We have some cool new investigators. One is the father of an awesome family but He cant be baptized because He killed someone when he was younger. We have started some paperwork that the Prophet will sign saying he can be baptized. Another woman we handed a leahona (Portuguese church magazine) and she broke down in tears because she said that she was very sick in the hospital once and that she had a dream that a man dressed in white told her it was not her time yet and the next day she was fine. She freaked out because the cover was a picture of Jesus she had never seen and she said that was the man that told her she had to live. She might have been a little crazy but maybe not. All that matters now is that she wants to come closer to Christ.

We have been teaching a lot and I am really starting to love it here.

One last cool story is that Elder Ettmuller and I are memorizing lyrics to Disney songs in English and Portuguese to help us learn faster haha

I love you guys  

Love Elder Winstanley


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