Week #3 in Brazil

Derek's desk

Hello world.

Another week in Brazil.

Christmas was a blast we had a mission conference and I had no idea what was going on haha. I got to skype the fam which was great. I still miss being home but elder Holland said that one day you will laugh at the idea of homesickness and I think I’m getting there. Every day I am more happy that I am here.

The other day we had a division and it was the best day of my mission so far. I went to Bandadas with Elder Cocimba. He is from Portugal and is pretty cool. We talked with so many people and everyone thought I could talk amazing for just having 2 weeks in Brazil so that helped with my self confidence. That area is much nicer than here. It did not smell like death and the people were a little more friendly.

I decided something kind of cool today. There have been a lot of times these past 3 weeks where I wanted to be home so bad. I don’t know this language it is hot all the time I am sick and quite honestly miserable sometimes. But today I decided that I am here for the Lord and to help these people. If I have a good time while I am here then great. If not then that is fine I have been given so much in my life the least I can do is give my all for these 2 years.

Anyways hope all is well at home

Com Amor Elder Winstanley

PS. as soon as I can figure out how to do pictures and ask some one in Portuguese to help me I will send some haha




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