Week 2 in Brazil

Ok so its been another crazy week. My Portuguese is slowly getting better. I still have no idea what is going on half the time though.

Last night we walked to a different area for a farewell of a missionary. People were so nice to me and I saw how humble these people are. They have next to nothing and give so much to the church. It is inspirational.

The poverty here is pretty bad. I guess Rio Branco is one of the worst areas in the mission though. the worst I’ve seen was a man named Jose. He lives in a one room one bathroom hut and the toilet does not work so the bathroom is now his toilet. The member we had with us left in the middle of the lesson because he said he had a meeting we found out later the smell made him puke. Elder Ettmuller and I pressed through it though. It is sad, I came across bums while I was working that lived better than many of these people.

Elder Ettmuller is great he is super patient with me and is a world class Jujitsu fighter so that is cool. he wants to go to BYU after the mish so hopefully I will see him there.

The water and food here are interesting. I drink about 10 times more than anyone here and I drink about one tenth of what I used to…I am always thirsty. The water is bad which makes it hard. I have a filter water bottle but I don’t know if it is working because I have been super sick the past three days. And the food is pretty good but I don’t get why everyone wants food hot off the stove…it is 110 outside and 115 inside. the hot food just makes me sweat and even more thirsty haha.

OK last thing there are some crazy look alikes here. I have found tan versions of; my mom, Paula Trainer, Shelby Mixon, my cousin Kaytlin, and Sister Bynumn.

Anyway things are well for me. I hope things are going well at home too.

Love Elder Winstanley

If you would like to write Derek Winstanley please do. There is no postal service in his area so send mail to the mission house.

Elder Derek Winstanley
Missao Brasil Santos
Av. Dona Ana Costa, 414 Sala 24 Gonzaga
Santos- SP- Brasil


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